Drugs can kill, but vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K cannot; why we need to be sexy, healthy and wealthy; money and love and teens and old people; freedom from the pain of living to be old; losing weight, making money, eating good food, getting off drugs and alcohol; knowing how to live the good life without money or love or sex What do I do if I have cancer? Who can I talk to about curing my cancer? What can I read that will help me cure my cancer? Stress contributes to cancer. Negativity con-tributes to cancer. Toxins contribute to cancer. Do hormones cause cancer?
Inflammation, obesity, immunity, diet, & pancreatic (and lipid) disorders can cause cancer. High blood pressure, heart disease and high cholesterol contribute to cancer, because they cause the body to go out of balance. The cancer diet must be right for you. How do I know if my diet is right? Where can I find doctors who cure cancer? How do I know if my doctor is telling me the truth? Chemotherapy and radiation hurt the body more than they help it. They are not effective against most cancer. There is no one cancer diet. Individualized diets - with more or less protein is right for your healing of cancer. This is the truth about preventing and healing (curing) cancer. Best book about cancer. Best book about cancer diet, Best book about cancer doctors, Best book about curing your own cancer